The World of Art by Lexicon-Software

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This is a research and development site developed by Tim Daniels of Lexicon-Software. This site is a repository of working examples Of web application development, featuring Microsoft ASP.Net technology. The goal is to have a working application which allows visitors to create a virtual art gallery with exhibits. Registered users will be allowed to upload content featuring their favorite works of art. They will also have the ability to post information about the works of art and the artists who created them.

There are also areas of content dedicated to software development. The purpose of this content will be to provide a repository of software devemopment concepts and learning material. The software content will be based on how the virtual art gallery app is developed. The development process will be very iterative in nature and will start off with developing some very simple and basic functionality, and then continue to build from their.

The software development content will be posted on the Lexicon of Software blog site. There we can have in-depth analysis and discussions on the software development practices and concepts used in developing the World of Art web app.